Art for Peace 2022

In order to reflect on the challenges that the world is facing at the moment, we invite artists to participate in the collective exhibition Art for Peace 2022. With the violence of war haunting us, the deepening of polarities, political, humanitarian and public health crisis as a result of the pandemic, it has never been more urgent and relevant to be united to strengthen the Culture of Peace.

Art is fundamental to helping us maintain our sanity and can be a creative channel for us to express our feelings of desolation, anguish, indignation and protest. Art can, in addition to serving as entertainment, be a precious healing balm for our eyes, ears and hearts.

We invite artists to create this collective exhibition, where art and reflection meet and help us to dissolve barriers and disarm our hearts. It will not be a contest but a celebration where participants will be able to express through their talent how they are feeling about the moment we are living.

The works will be exhibited virtually in our digital magazine Openzine. Subsequently, a curatorship will be held and the selected works will be exhibited at the headquarters of the cultural collective Fora da Caixa in October and may even participate in traveling exhibitions in other places, cities and countries.

The proposal is to create a space for dialogue, reflection, criticism and/or humor about the social, ecological and ethical problems that we are experiencing on the planet.

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