Peacebuilding Through Actions


It seems utopia but it is reality, among so much news of wars and conflicts we managed to create a moment where evil and separation ceased to exist. We insist on cultivating actions of Peace even when most people are busy with distractions and seeking superficiality. Our meetings do not attract the crowds of shows and/or shopping malls attract, but through a very specific filter it brings together people in search of content, who are connected with the energy of union and brotherhood. So it was our II Peace Culture Festival held at the Fora da Caixa collective on October 21st. A meaningful and profound encounter, like an invigorating balm that brought relief to the wounds of violence and radicalism that we are experiencing on the planet.

We displayed the artworks chosen for the exhibition Art for Peace, this revealed the talent and emotions of the artists who participated in this edition. The profile placed next to the works told a little about each person’s life stories. One of the participants lives in a refugee camp in Africa, two artists live in Afghanistan and Pakistan and are under constant threat from the Taliban. Their stories touched our hearts and the exhibition reflected this feeling of unity and desire for Peace to prevail in the world.

At Café Refúgio we had a gastronomic experience with a taste of India. Mushroom Biryani was served, a traditional Indian dish that has many variations and recipes with chicken and other meats. It was delicious and everyone appreciated the opportunity to try something new, full of flavors, colors and textures.

We then watched a video about a meeting of Interreligious Dialogue with the participation of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist and young leaders and priests who work in social projects in the community on different fronts. Watching this diverse group, with words of wisdom and spiritual unity around human values ​​and compassion, fed our soul, renewed our hope and energy to continue creating these opportunities for communion. After a lot of good conversation and exchange of experiences, we returned to our homes satisfied, with a light and refreshed heart. This to me is self-realization in action, it is perfect happiness. I believe it is the highest level of privilege to be able to carry out relevant and constructive actions for the community.

We have been working in the collective for almost eight years and our team remains committed to ideals such as non-violence, compassion, inter-religious dialogue, education for peace, mental and emotional health and harmonious coexistence. The feeling of joy and complicity that unites us goes far beyond friendship, we are a family. A family chosen a long time ago, in other existences for sure. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared this day with us. Without you none of this would be possible.

In the name of peace and brotherhood,

Regina Proença

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