Some of you followed our participation in the global launch of the event SEE Learning, the Social, Emotional and Ethical framework, fruit of the collaboration between the University of Emory, the Dalai Lama Trust and Vana Foundation. The launch took place between 4 to 6 of April in New Delhi, India. The launching was broadcasted live, some flashes of our participation were shared on our social networks.

However, the most important has not been said about this event, how much we are honored and grateful for the invitation. We have been working incessantly over the past 20 years searching for the planting of seed of nonviolence, compassion and altruism. Intuitively, we were aligned with the foundations found in the SEE Learning materials and by for this reason we were honored with the invitation.

As an educator and practitioner, I have researched in my studies to understand the relationship among education, contemplation, compassion and ethics. For over twenty years I’ve been following the teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and had the privilege to receive his teachings since 1992, when he participated in the Eco’92 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In different occasions I was asked to translate his teachings to the publishing of texts and subtitles. So I was very moved by the “gift” to be present at the launching. Only those who know me and understand my career as an educator can understand the real meaning of this moment.

I had the company of my friend and longtime supporter, Miriam Depólito. A soul sister who was with me from the first meeting and for over 20 years as a loyal friend, accomplice and partner for all the moments. Our trip to India was a celebration of friendship and partnership.

The material of the SEE Learning was developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Emory University with the support of the Dalai Lama Trust and Vana Foundation and is available in the platform on line to all who wish to know this methodology that addresses the cultivation of mind and heart. At the end of the article you will find the links to access the material and watch the videos of the event.

Here we will tell our friends and readers the experience of being there with the presence of the Dalai Lama and to hear so many great people. Two Nobel Peace Prizes, educators, entrepreneurs, philosophers, scientists who have revolutionized their communities and were gathered there to celebrate the release of the compassion seeds in the form of an education program.

It is impossible to put into words, to translate the power of change that was in the air, the energy concentrated in that place with so many bright and involved beings into concrete actions for an educational revolution. There, everyone was convinced that Education is the most effective means for bringing the goodness to all areas of life. Each of the organizers and participants had a special glow in their eyes, had a personal light and we could feel in the marrow a wellness shiver, something indescribable. Participants included His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Dr. Daniel Goleman, internationally known psychologist, author of “Emotional Intelligence”; Kailash Satyarthi, activist for children’s rights in India and Nobel Peace Prize, which through his organization has already released more than 87,000 children from child labor, slavery and trafficking – His charisma and deep thoughts touched my soul, I wanted to get close to him and give him a hug. 

Among the researchers were Lindy Settevendemie, Dr. Brendan Ozawa Silva, Jennifer Knox, Tyralyn Frazier, Lobsang Negi Temzin, Tsondue Samphel, and many others. It was memorable to see the moment that His Holiness opened the tape containing the material produced by this amazing team. We could feel his joy, enthusiasm and satisfaction by offering such a precious gift to humanity. A wave of compassion invaded our hearts! 

We have to mention the meetings in the auditorium and lines of the event and the fair that took place on the second day – we meet amazing people and made special friendships.

We met at the entrance queue two precious people, Sharada Nayak and Sumati Rajan,and aunt and niece, both from the Educational Resources Center of India. People who were lovely to us during all the event. We met also Jimmi Slattery, Executive Director of the organization Compassion Matters, which supports the social and emotional development of teachers and students in various parts of the world. Encounters tha we will carry forever in our hearts! You can know his beautiful work by the link:

We met Archhana Kombrabail, former director of Tushita Buddhist school in Dharamsala, with whom we had the joy to meet again in our visit to that city. She showed us the temple, the gardens and gave us a beautiful interview to be published later on in our magazine.

During the fair, we met educators from all over the world, talked about partnerships, shared experiences and common dreams. We presented our projects Leadership for the Future and Education for Peace that we develop in partnership with the Educandário Instituto André Luiz. Many people were interested in learning more about the innovative programs that we are implementing. You can read the special report about our program in the link:

The feelings of joy and delight permeated every moment of the event, the attention to all the details, the wonderful food, friendly and light environment made us all a large family with friends and relatives who are separated only illusory. After all we are brothers and sisters who live in different places…

There all of them spoke fluently the language of the heart. It was beautiful!

We made a few records of these moments, the photos and videos are technically imperfect, but loaded the good vibes that were among us!

Our aspirations are that all the initiatives connected with compassion, altruism and non-violence multiply and benefit the greatest number of beings!

Praying hands!

Regina Proença

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Emory University to meet the SEE Learning:

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