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Art For Peace – Exhibition

Arte: Letícia Barreto

Arte: Letícia Barreto

Exhibition – ART FOR PEACE

The project Art for Peace was designed by Regina Proença, philosopher and director of Iluminattis – Philosophical Studies Center since 2003, currently coordinator of Cultural Collective Out of the Box projects, in partnership with the artist Leticia Barreto, responsible for the art school Nextart. In the previous editions the exhibition was part of the cultural program of the Gandhi´s Week, there were four editions (2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007). In these projects, artists from around the country and some foreigners submitted their work via the Internet to a virtual exhibition divided into different categories: drawing, cartoon, photography, painting and video. The most voted by Internet users were selected for public display that was part of the cultural program of the Gandhi´s Week in different places of the city such as Fundec, SESC, Uniso, Senac, Iluminattis, etc.

“The prison is not the cell, the freedom is not the street, there are free men in the prison and imprisoned out in the streets. Thatis all a matter of consciousness.”
Mahatma Gandhi

ART FOR PEACE – Open for Work submit from January / 2016
Inspired by street art movements that are flowerishing in every country, we decided to re-editate the project Art for Peace and broaden the range of the initial design options, we added the category Urban Art and now accept the works in graffiti, interventions and performances in public places.
Urban Art – dates and locations for the performances of performances, installations and graffiti will be set according to the needs required by the projects that are submitted and selected. The graffiti must be sent as a sketch of the project, the wall to be painted is 3 x 3.3 meters. The six most voted works will have the opportunity to paint it on a very nice place of Sorocaba city, at a very important avenue between 01 to 03 April of 2016.

Artists may participate in several different categories:
Cart one
Intervention gs art í sticas / Installs gs

How to submitt your work?
The works in the categories Drawing, Painting, Cartoon, Photography, must be submitted in JPG format at 300 dpi for printing later if they are chosen to join the exhibition. The projects submitted in video format must be submitted in MP4 format. The graffiti, artistic interventions/installations, performances, music should send a detailed pre-project or video as appropriate to

Registration period – 04/01 to 29/02

Virtual voting – 01/03 to 31/03

Exhibit of the top rated drawings – 11/04 to 30/04

Regina Proenca is a teacher, translator, graduated in Philosophy, Master in Communication and Culture. She worked as a professor of mythology and integrated group of Ethics of the Association Palas Athena (SP) between 1997 and 2002, where she studied Peace Culture Strategies. Later she created and coordinated the projects and courses Iluminattis -. Philosophy Studies Center in Sorocaba from 2003 to 2013. Working actively teaching courses and giving lectures about Philosophy, Meditation, Interreligious Dialogue, Peace Culture etc. Currently she coordinates the cultural projects of the Collective Out of the Box. ( Fora da Caixa Coletivo)

Leticia Barreto is audiovisual artist and art educator. A scholarship from the Rotary International Foundation, studied Fine Arts at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence, Italy. She worked for 17 years as an art educator in Sorocaba. In 2007 she emigrated to Lisbon at the invitation of Nextart where she worked for six years as a teacher in drawing courses, painting and as a pedagogical coordinator. She completed the MA in Visual Arts and Intermedia at the University of Evora, Portugal. She returned to Brazil in 2013 where her art school reopened Nextart Brazil. Coordinates the activities of the Urban Artists group in Sorocaba.

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